Sealevel Engineers Recognized for Outstanding Leadership and Contributions

September 9, 2021

Sealevel Systems, Inc., an industry leader for industrial I/O and computing, announces Control Engineering, a CFE Media and Technology company, has recognized Jeff Baldwin and Cameron

Jeff Baldwin

Bolton with 2021 Engineering Leader Under 40 awards.

Baldwin, Director of Engineering, received recognition for excellence in complex computing design: incorporating manufacturability, size, weight and power (SWaP) optimization, and compliance requirements. With a design library of over 60 industrial computer designs for leaders in defense, energy, public safety and transportation, Baldwin is known industry-wide for extreme rugged with a focus on functional density. Since graduating from Clemson University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Baldwin has amassed design experience across the engineering field, including manufacturability, test and hardware. He credits his versatile design style and wide range of capabilities to that comprehensive background.

Bolton, a hardware design engineer, specializes in control systems, power systems and electric machines. He commits to following his designs from early concepts through to manufacturing. “Designing boards is a great experience but the satisfaction of getting that board powered up, booting properly and successfully programmed is what I enjoy most,”

Cameron Bolton

said Bolton. A Clemson University graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he continues to be captivated by electromagnetism and the resulting applications that can improve people’s lives.

“We are proud of these awards and the associated recognition that Jeff and Cameron have earned. Even more so, we are proud of the unparalleled commitment and innovation they deliver each day,” said Sealevel’s President, Susan O’Hanlan.

The Engineering Leaders Under 40, Class of 2021 has been announced on Plant Engineering’s website – a partner of Control Engineering – and further celebration is planned at the annual Engineering Awards in Manufacturing event in Spring 2022.