DB9 Female to RJ45 - Preconfigured for 7107 (RS-485)

Part: DB112   Model: Modular Adapter


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The DB112 has a DB9 female connector that plugs directly on to the Sealevel 7107 DB9 male serial port and converts it to an RJ45 connection. Designed for the SeaI/O RS-485 M-series family of devices, the DB112 takes power from pin 9 on the 7107 and sends it out over any standard RJ45 patch cable. This eliminates the need for an external power supply when communicating with SeaI/O RS-485 devices.

Note: Picture shows both sides of modular adapter. Unit quantity is one.


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• DB9 pin-1 (DATA+) is connected to RJ45 pin-4
• DB9 pin-2 (DATA-) is connected to RJ45 pin-5
• DB9 pin-5 (GND) is connected to RJ45 pin-7 and pin-8
• DB9 pin-9 (V+) is connected to RJ45 pin-1 and pin-2