SeaLATCH USB 3.0 Type B to Standard USB 3.0 Type A, 2-Meter Length

Part: CA748   Model: SeaLATCH Locking USB 3.0 Type B to Standard USB 3.0 Type A Cable


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The CA748 is a 2-meter USB device cable with a Sealevel SeaLATCH locking USB 3.0 Type B connector and a standard USB 3.0 Type A connector. The metal thumbscrew on the USB 3.0 Type B connector provides a secure metal-to-metal connection to devices with SeaLATCH USB ports.

About SeaLATCH Locking USB Connectors

Sealevel’s patent-pending SeaLATCH® locking USB connectors feature a thumbscrew that provides a secure, metal-to-metal connection to avoid interrupted operations for critical communications. SeaLATCH locking USB ports are integrated into Sealevel’s:

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Hubs
  • USB 2.0 Hubs
  • SeaI/O USB Expansion and Data Acquisition Devices
  • SeaDAC Lite USB Digital I/O Modules
  • SeaLINK® USB Serial Adapters
  • Embedded Computers

SeaLATCH connectors are fully compatible with standard USB cables.



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