Future-Proof Computing with
COM Architecture

Unlike non-modular systems, COM allows for piece-by-piece upgrades rather than an entire system redesign, especially if you start with the right carrier board design.  

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Saving Thousands with RFID Tracking

A Sealevel partner has a patented method to install RFID tags onto every piece of equipment in a surgical kit. And with an estimated 10-20% of a hospital’s inventory misplaced annually, this medical equipment monitoring solution is saving customers thousands.

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The Four Biggest Factors in Rugged Computing

Rugged industrial computers are designed to withstand conditions in which standard consumer PCs would suffer dramatic performance loss or failure. While many environmental factors affect the reliability and health of these computers, there are four primary concerns that engineers must work to address..  

Environmental Factors Facing Computers

Robust Reliability for Radar, Security, and Surveillance Systems

Radar, security, and surveillance applications are mission-critical, and require robust synchronous communications. These applications must be precise and accurate, reflecting rapid, real-time updates with clarity, reliability, and flexibility.

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Automation & Control for Process Improvement

Sealevel’s CEO got a unique perspective on industrial automation needs from within the walls of Carolina textile mills. Our products are specifically designed to succeed in industrial environments.


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Enhanced Security Posture for Devices

Sealevel products are protected through “security by design” as we envision and secure against vulnerabilities beginning with conceptualization and carrying through to manufacturing.

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Since 1986, we’ve brought control to the user with our innovative I/O solutions that enable computer connectivity. As our product families expand, responsive thinking and creative development continue to drive our company. From engineering design to production and support, Sealevel ensures client satisfaction with precision-made technology and high-quality services.

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We are proud to work with the most talented engineers from around the world to solve difficult problems in diverse environments. No matter your application requirements, Sealevel can provide a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

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